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My Name Is Jeryl founder of BararPurify Ministry
(NOTE: I am not a Pastor,  but I am a disciple of the Lord, and as a disciple, I am obedient to fulfill the great commission in sharing the Gospel and make disciples of All Nation, Baptising them in the Name of the Father the Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit for the Remission of Sin pointing People to the Master.)

So, How did I become a Disciple and follower of Our Messiah Jesus ?

The Big Reveal was When Jesus came and revealed himself to me by accidentally calling out the name Jesus a few times in a questioning manner? After watching a preacher explain How to do a Water Fast on a YouTube Video.

Why was I even Watching a Preacher?

Out of Vanity Really!...

There was a time in my life where I was very much into exercise and fitness and I joined something called CrossFit, which is a high Intensity form of exercise with a lot of Weight Lifting. I did CrossFit for way over a year.

Some time had passed and my whole schedule changed and i couldn't fit CrossFit into my Routine anymore and stopped exercising. At this point, an Old Friend of mine was getting married and I was invited to her Hen Do.

My body Weight and form changed but my Wardrobe hasn't!

my Wardrobe and my clothes was still the lean and fit size that I was when I did CrossFit, so as a quick fix to get into these clothes that I'm wanting to wear for the Hen do , i decided I'm just not gonna eat and do a water fast! (which i only managed 2 and a half days).

Now thinking of inspirations and motivations to get through with my water fast i searched on Youtube Water Fasting videos. Which had a lot of Random varieties .

Now one of the suggestions was this Preacher doing a water fasting video, that was all of my interest! the water fasting bit and none at all about Jesus. By the time i turned the video Off i was questioning it and going "Jesus? Jesus? Jesus?" .... and whoah and behold this Wave of Supernatural Peace came over me and it was a Peace that I have never felt before? Not in my whole entire existence, I would even say it's not a Peace that you'll find in this world! It's other worldly, it was Heavenly Peace. (and i mean a small glimpse of it)

But it's enough of a glimpse for me to Believe He Is Real!

This all occured in 2018.

Not long after, i decided to give my life to Jesus and got baptised in Water  and got filled with the Holy Spirit.

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